AIR-ROW Jewellery and all its whimsy

Local Toronto Love

The creations by AIR-ROW jewellery are simply captivating. The necklaces are long and elegant, all centred around one or two semi precious stones, the main attraction.  Little chunks of amethyst dangle beside halos, moons and turquoise, aquamarine is hugged by gold wire, tiny metal feathers hang here and there, as feathers do, and so much clear, jagged quartz.


Each necklace’s semi precious stones and dreamy charms pull you right in. There is something calming and exciting in their beauty.  It must be all the love that creator of AIR-ROW Della Chiu puts into each unique piece. Yeah, that must be it.

Della cares deeply for each necklace, cleansing the stones of negative energy before passing them on to you. Combine this with a great eye for design and you’ve got pieces that are a stunning mix of genres. The perfect mix of current and sacred. Wearable gemstones that evoke feelings of beauty, spirituality, and whimsy.


AIR-ROW is on tumblr and facebook!

list of tasks

be carried by love

float above your adversaries

let your magic through

change cold night to balmy day

keep your grin

keep your palms

(most importantly) grow your love

The view from our #home #studio/#office 🌾❄️☕️🎹
Just received this picture of myself from my multi-talented colleague and friend DELLA CHIU. 
Before working with Della, I wouldn’t have a clue on how to pose for photographs! She totally helped me and empowered me to BREAK FREE. Thank you Della!
Look out for Della and her talents on the blog this upcoming week!

toronto winter is trying its best to be cold and slippy. kind of working. kind of not. snow comes silently in the night, leaves quietly the concrete. slush slips at dawn, puddles gone by noon.

winter was real when I was a child, but by now, it’s slow

Comin’ on home

I have spent the past few months idly on instagram.  It’s fun enough, but lacking the reason I stay on Tumblr: THE POEMS AND THE LITERATURE

There are so many gifted poets and writers here on tumblr and I am glad to be back to read and enrich my life once again.

I have been posting on this blog for two years and beyond now…. Started as a photography blog, then travel blog, music (my own) and then finally my own poetry… It has been a long while since I have given tumblr creative content, which this site has given me extensively.

I had a breakthrough with electronic music recently. Getting closer and closer to what I WANT to be making. I just uploaded the song, please give it a listen and share it with whoever you think may appreciate it.


Talk soon everyone

My heart is weeping
My skin is bloating
Right round my eyes my vision is gone my vision is skewed and I was wrong
The wind jolts me!

I was wrong!
Wind to the floor I am the floor
I am down and what can be done
What can be done?